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LCD commander Loading... LCD commander Loading... LCD Commander Lite is a software tool for accessing the files on a SD card within a 4D Systems™ Inteligent Display Modules models: uLCD-24PTU, uLCD-28PTU and uLCD-32PTU. Communication is performed via the 4D Systems programming cable, which eliminates the need to remove the SD card from the display. LCD commander is especially useful for during the development to upload small executable and function files. Also, once the display is fixed in an enclosure, SD card may not be easily removable, so LCD commander can be used to perform a system upgrade.

LCD commander requires no additional software to be pre-installed on the SD card or display memory. LCD commander loads a small driver in the display RAM during the Connect procedure, which handles the communication and access to the SD card. After Disconnect, display is reset and driver is erased from RAM memory, returning to the original program stored in display flash memory.

LCD Commander enables sending files to and from SD card, deleting files and verifying the files. The transfer rate for copying file to and from SD card is approximately 11 KB/s. This makes it useful for files up to approximately 1 MB, resulting in transfer time of approximately 100 seconds. For extremely large files, traditional method of removing the SD card may be more efficient.


LCD Commander Lite is freeware and you may download it and use it free of charge. By downloading and installing LCD Commander Lite, you agree with the following license terms:


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