UT-ONE Applications software is a LabVIEW-based package of applications for communication between a personal computer and UT-ONE family thermometers readout. The aim of the UT-ONE Applications software is to provide a convenient general-purpose interface to the UT-ONE functionality from computer screen. UT ONE Applications also demonstrate the capabilities of the UT-ONE thermometer readout and may be used as the starting point for developing user applications, covering a specific measurement solution. UT-ONE Applications are delivered as an executable installer free-of-charge and require no additional licences. LabVIEW source code for selected applications is available on request for qualified customers.

UT-ONE Applications software for UT-ONE Thermometer Readouts family
UT-ONE Aplications - main menu
UT-ONE Interface - Measurements were preformed using the UT-ONE B03B model
UT-ONE Probe Calibration Demo
UT-ONE Range Readjustment
UT-ONE Climatic Chamber Validation
UT-ONE Parallel Aqusition
UT-ONE Communication Testing
UT-ONE Digitizing
UT-ONE Log Viewer
UT-ONE Temperatuere Monitoring
UT-ONE Firmware Upgrade

UT-ONE Applications software consists of the following applications:

More information is available in UT-ONE Applications User ManualPdf_icon Loading....