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General description

Batemika M100 Bridge mA-meter is a specialised device used for the accurate and reliable measurement of measurement currents of all types of resistance bridges used in thermometry. Accurate determination of the measurement current is essential in order to increase the accuracy of the self-heating correction in SPRT measurements.

M100 can measure DC, AC and arbitrary waveform currents with specified accuracy and can handle all types of measurement currents that can be encountered in common thermometry bridges.

M100 has specifically designed connectors, which enable seamless integration of the device in the measurement system. Connectors enable the connection of BNC, banana, spade lug and bare wire cables in four-wire configuration. M100 can be connected either between the resistance bridge and scanner or between the extension cable and SPRT, effectively replacing the passive connection box.

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Technical data
Current ranges:
0 to 2.9 mA RMS
0 to 15 mA RMS
Bridge types:
AC and DC
Acquisition time:
2 s
Settling time:
30 s
Sampling frequency:
50 kHz
Absolute accuracy:
500 ppm
Ratio accuracy:
200 ppm
External dimensions (WxHxD) in mm:
Power supply:
USB 5 V, 500 mA
Power consumption:
2.5 W max
Lipo battery capacity::
2000 mAh, 7.4 Wh
Batery operation:
24 h
1.7 kg
Communication interface:
USB and RS232

For more information please download specifications (234 KB):Pdf_icon Loading...

User interface

M100 provides a manual reading on a small LCD display and a remote interface via RS232 and USB interfaces. It is simple and intuitive device with special emphasis on fail-safe operation, controlled with single multifunction button. For advanced users, raw samples from the A/D converter can be sent to the computer, where advanced analysis can be performed.


M100 has an open and fully documented communication protocol for the communication over remote interfaces, so end users can implement the M100 interface in any programming language. A LabVIEW™ driver and three applications are supplied with the M100.

Batemika M100 Applications package is available for download also under Downloads tab. Installation license is free for owners of Batemika M100 Bridge mA-meter. Installation for evaluation purposes is allowed under fair-use conditions. Source code is available on demand for qualified customers.

LabVIEW driver

M100 Image Loading... M100 Image Loading... M100 simple driver is a driver example that is primarily intended for testing the communication protocol and for integration in user applications. The driver supports both the RS232 and USB remote interface. For the USB remote interface, it should be selected the USB VISA resource name from the drop down list. For RS232 remote interface, it should be manually type the interface name (COM1, COM2, etc). The command message is entered in the Command in box and the command response can be read in Data out box.

M100 Analayser

M100 Analyser is a support application which acquires samples from M100 ADC in digitizer mode and displays them on graphs. This application is useful for simple monitoring of the measurement current value as well as for the analysis of the measurement current shape and spectral analysis. These analyses are especially useful for the investigation of EMI and noise problems.

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The data presented on graphs can be stored to measurement binary or text format files. Binary format is intended primarily for reloading of captured data within the M100 Analyser application. Text format can be read directly in a text editor such as Notepad, or it can be imported in other applications (such as Excel or Matlab) for further analyses.

M100 Monitor

M100 Image Loading... M100 Image Loading... M100 Monitor is a simple sample application which uses M100 Simple Driver.vi to acquire measurement current and display it on a chart. This application can be used by users as a template for creating more sophisticated monitoring applications.

M100 ReCalibration application

M100 Image Loading... M100 Image Loading... M100 Image Loading... M100 Image Loading... M100 ReCalibration application is a support application which simplifies the measurement, calculation and storage of offset and gain calibration constants.


M100 Bridge mA-meter Technical Datasheet (700 KB):Pdf_icon Loading...

M100 Bridge mA-meter Evaluation Report (964 KB):Pdf_icon Loading...

M100 Bridge mA-meter User Manual (2 MB):Pdf_icon Loading...

M100 Bridge mA-meter Applications Installer 1.03.00r (240MB):zip_icon Loading...

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