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Alldata_logo Founded in Italy, more than 45 years ago ALL DATA prides itself for its capability to select and support high-end products, services, solutions based on the best available technology. Its portfolio includes custom and standard products. Long presence in the market, capability to find the best solutions to complex applications, partnership with experienced suppliers allow to offer a wide range of innovative products to meet even the most demanding needs from aeronautics, mil-aero, defence.

AlldataEE_Logo_RGB-02 As stated in the name we are »Your partner in technology«. Our mother company All Data give us the knowledge and needed experience to enlarge its business also in Eastern Europe (EE). We started our experience in this market in 2007 and we are now present in all the biggest industrial systems and technical faculties in Slovenia. We have also a laboratory in Slovenia for the local support to our customers.

LMC_logo LMC Solutions is a business staffed by measurement scientists, with decades of experience developing measurement standards at the highest level. We supply laboratory equipment, calibrations, training and consultancy to assist calibration and testing laboratories, and any company making use of measuring equipment. We are passionate about finding measurement solutions that are fit for YOUR purpose. We are based in South Africa and serve the whole African region.

Amtest_logo Amtest-TM s.r.o. is company with international activities, which continues in nearly 45 years tradition of deliveries and support of test and measurement equipments, calibrators, standards and diagnostics tools (for electrical and non-electrical quantities) used in laboratories and in industry.

SupertronSensing_logo_2 Supertron Sensing Pte Ltd is an ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration & Measurement Laboratory. We specialise in Humidity Calibration and we are able to generate and measure moisture content from as low as -95ºC frost point to +68ºC dew point over a temperature range from -10ºC to +70ºC with an uncertainty of +0.1ºC to 1.0ºC frost/dew point range. We offer metrology measurement solutions from well-established humidity and temperature measurement experts and industrial process measurement manufacturers.

Aiwotest_logo Aiwotest Technology Co., Ltd is a company specializing in thermometer metrology with more than a decade of temperature testing experience. The company can provide customers with comprehensive temperature solutions to help customers solve problems encountered during testing or calibration. We also represent well-known brands in the temperature field to meet the different needs of our customers. The team of Aiwotest has a strong technical background, and the profession is the foundation of our survival.

Stratatek_logo Stratatek Test & Measurement has been selling, calibrating, and servicing equipment since 2008. Stratatek is located outside Toronto in Ontario and offers New and Used Sales, Rental Equipment, Service, and Calibration for all your Test Equipment needs.

SaneCal_logo Since 1986, Sane Calibration Instruments Co., Ltd has been enjoying a great reputation as the top leading sales agent in Korea specializing in importing and selling high precision sensors, measuring instruments and calibrators related to temperature, dewpoint, pressure, flow (air, liquid), oxygen, CO/CO2, dust, oil, slope/angle, electricity, torque, weather, force, and so on. With rich experience and great technical knowledge, we offer the products to calibration institutes, government agencies, research institutes, educational institutions and various industry fields.